***Next stop: summer camp!***

Join us on our journey & Help us have a brighter future!

We've traded the traditional school experience to travel the world, to explore and learn as we go.

While we collect passport stamps, memories, and skills on our adventure, we are excited to share our story with you.

We're sending post cards, having zoom calls, and keeping blogs.

It's amazing how the being stuck at home shifted our lifestyle during the pandemic. Applying some of what we learned from that and shaping this new lifestyle is thrilling. The things we're learning out here about life and ourselves is even wilder!

We would love your ideas, advice, encouragement, and support...


Ways you can help fund our adventure: 

🔲 A felting kit for us to use in Scotland when we will be working with Alpacas!

🔲 Books! We are buying a book or two in each major location to help us grasp local culture and language.

🔲 Taxi fare to explore further and see more of what's around us.

🔲 Lanyards from Hidden Disabilities. (https://hdsunflower.com/)  

🔲 A cooking class in Italy. (We want to make gluten free pasta from scratch.)

🔲 A cooking class in France. (We want to make gluten free croissants from scratch.)

🔲 Tickets for expeditions to explore caves, beaches, and new cities.

🔲 Brunch, lunch, or dinner at local restaurants.

🔲 Airport snacks!

🔲 Small digital cameras with good zoom capabilities.

🔲 Petrol/gas so we can go on long drives to count sheep in Ireland and Scotland. (Imagine making a wool hat after meeting the sheep or alpacas that the wool came from.)

🔲 Curriculum based apps for our iPads.

🔲 Apple pencils for writing and drawing.

🔲 A night at Legoland!  https://www.legoland.co.uk/


Some gifts we've already received:  (https://collaborativerebellion.com/thank-you)

✔️ Private tour at Raptor Foundation.

✔️ Some  all weather and all terrain hiking gear for Costa Rica, they have 12 different climate zones there!

✔️ Full face style snorkel masks- the sensory experience of salt water on our faces and in our mouths can be overwhelming and we think this might just be the perfect way to adapt and really make the experience accessible to us. 

✔️ Head lamps and UV lights for night hikes (and searching for scorpions) in Costa Rica. 

✔️ Personalized experience at Exotic Zoo. (We fed Lemurs!!!)

✔️ A long train ride on a cool old steam engine train! (the GWBR was SO cool and the seats were so different from what we've been on before.)

✔️ Metal detectors and chisels for the Jurassic Coast.

✔️ A picnic on the beach in Scotland.

✔️ Tickets to ride double decker buses and the tube in London. (We learned bus schedules and sorted out the city maps.)

✔️ There's an annual amateur entomology conference we can't wait to attend! (Update: it was amazing!! We update the website https://collaborativerebellion.com/ with photos often!)

✔️ Air BnB stays for a break and some down time in between some of our house sits.

✔️ iPads to blog, research, read, and zoom on. 

✔️ Packable all-season raincoats.

✔️ Carry-on luggage.  (Our old luggage doesn't fit the restrictions)


What would you like to help us do?  What would you like us to tell you about?

Thank you for being a part of our world school experience!


The Dynamic Duo

of Collaborative Rebellion