About Wish For You

One summer, after going to an impressive number of weddings, graduations and other milestones for our friends and family we observed something interesting: people like to give and receive money. In fact, giving money has been a tradition for millennia. So we thought, why not make it easier? (Pretty brilliant, right?)

The problem is, not much has changed in terms of how cash gifts are given, which is usually something like this: Someone you care about is celebrating something wonderful, and you’d like to give them a little money. So you track down your checkbook and write a check. Then, you go to the card store and pick a generic, over-priced card off the shelf. After that, you go to the post office to get a stamp, and then send it via snail mail. (By the way, are you sure you have the recipient’s current address?) Hopefully the check doesn’t get lost or damaged. Hopefully the recipient cashes it in a reasonable amount of time.

If you’re on the receiving end, it might go something like this: Your friends and family were generous enough to send you money for your celebration. A few weeks after the event, when the dust has settled, you track down all the checks and cash. Then you make a note of who gave you what, and you go to the bank, where you stand in line to make a deposit. Then you write the thank you notes, go to the post office to get stamps, and drop them in the mail. Call us crazy, but that seems like a whole lot of steps for something that could be much more simple, personal and beautiful. We created Wish For You because we knew there had to be a better way to give and receive money for life’s important celebrations. We hope you enjoy it.

Features that let you focus on what's important

For Gift Recipients


No fees or charges

Unlike other gift and registry services, we never charge gift recipients. It’s your money, you should be able to keep all of it.


Secure and fast funds

Don’t worry about misplaced or damaged checks. With Wish For You, all your money goes right to your bank account quickly, where it’s ready for you to use how you’d like.


Free Thank You cards

Let your friends and family know how much their gift means to you. Wish For You lets you quickly send beautiful and personal thank you cards. For free.

For Gift Givers


Give safe and simply

No more going to a card store, buying a stamp, or finding a mailbox. Sending a gift on Wish For You takes a few minutes and you will never have to worry about lost checks again.


No waiting no hassle

With Wish For You, your cash gift is sent quickly from your bank account or credit card, and is available to your recipient right away. No waiting for checks to clear. No going to the card store. No snail mail.


Unique cards by unique artists

We work with artists we admire to create one-of-a-kind cards. What's more, we donate a portion of our profits to the arts so they can keep doing what they love.


Start receiving the gift of money. It’s never
been easier.

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