Your Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What can I use Wish For You for?

Wish For You is a versatile platform that makes giving and receiving money for a special occasion or milestone simple and elegant. From weddings and bar mitzvahs to baby showers and graduations, Wish For You is making it easier to give the best gift for any milestone: money. What you do with the money you receive is completely up to you. When you’re ready to toss confetti or break out the champagne, celebrate with Wish For You!

How do you keep my information secure?

At Wish For You, we use bank-level security to keep you and your information safe. This includes physical, electronic, and procedural measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to and disclosure of sensitive information. We use state-of-the-art encryption in the transmission of your personal identification between your system, ours, and our third party vendors. We also use firewalls to help prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information. All transactions are PCI Level 1, the same level of security used by the biggest banks and credit cards.While we feel confident in our practices, we remind all users to take care with how they handle and disclose their personal information.

What’s the best way to tell my guests, friends, and family about my Wish For You account?

Most Wish For You users share their page by including a link to it on their event website or invitation. If you’d like to share your page by email, you can send an elegant e-invitation via your Event Dashboard. 

How do I connect my Wish For You page to my event website?

Select "My Events" from the menu options. Navigate to your event dashboard. Now simply click “Share Your Page”. The link will be automatically copied to your computer, from here simply paste it anywhere you'd like people to see it.


Do you guys have a phone number?

We do all of our support online, so there is no phone number. Need a hand with something? We're just an email away at! Most users get a reply within the hour during our business hours. Outside of business hours, we do our best to reply as quickly as we can.

How do I send invitations to My Fund?

First, you will need to create an Event. Once created, from the menu items, select "My Events", next select "view dashboard" on your chosen event. From here simply select "Create Invitation" and our Invitation Wizard will guide you the rest of the way. 

Receiving Gifts

How do I withdraw a gift sent via Wish For You?

Once you have received a gift, navigate to the "My Gifts" menu option, then select "Gifts Received" from the drop-down menu. From here you can withdraw any gifts from your "available balance". Stripe will only allow payments to be sent to verified accounts. Please ensure your account is verified before withdrawing your funds. 

How does the payment process work?

Our highest priority is your security. As such, we have structured our payment system so that we do not, at any time, hold your money or personal information. utilizes a platform called Stripe which is the world's largest online payment processing company. We create a personalized Stripe account for each individual user, similar to a bank account, and Stripe processes all the funds and handles the money transfers. Any money you receive goes only into this account and is never handled by us. When you withdraw your funds they are withdrawn from this account to your personal bank account. 

Will I be charged?

Absolutely not! To set up an event is entirely free.

Why do you need my bank details?

The ONLY reason we require your banking details is to pay you out the funds that have been collected for your event. All funds are deposited in your Stripe account (see "How does the payment process work?") and then transferred to your personal bank account when you choose to withdraw the money. We do not retain any of your banking details, all your personal information is held with Stripe

Why do you need my ID?

We utilize a platform called Stripe to facilitate all our money transfers which allow our users to have their very own personal Stirpe account. This is where your money will be held, prior to withdrawing it to your personal bank account. Stripe requires confirmation that you are, who you say you are, before they create your account. 

Once I withdraw my gifts, how long will it take for the money to reach my account?

As with any electronic fund transfer, we are at the whim of the banks. Transfers can take up to 5 business days to clear into your account, although we have found that it's usually much faster.

Sending Gifts

How do I find someone I want to give to?

You will never need to search for people on the Wish For You website. Your event host will have sent you a link to their event page. Simply go directly to the unique webpage (URL) for the event, which should look like this:

How do I know my gift was successfully sent?
  • When you send a gift, you'll receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive an email from Wish For You upon sending a gift, please check your spam/junk folder or promotions tab in Gmail. If you cannot locate your confirmation, contact our team at Alternitavely, navigate to the dropdown menu "My Gifts", select "Gifts Sent" from the drop-down menu. Here you will see all your gifts sent, gifts listed as Pending are still processing, gifts listed as sent have cleared processing, and are ready for withdrawal by your event host. 
How do I cancel my gift?

You can cancel your gift by contacting We’ll refund your money and it should appear in your account within a few days. Unfortunately, once the gift has been withdrawn you can not cancel your gift. We are unable to refund service or credit card fees.

International Gifts

Can I link an account from an overseas bank to Wish For You?

At the moment you can not link a bank account from an overseas bank to your Wish For You account.  

Can I receive gifts from international guests?

Yes, you can receive funds from international guests. All gifts will be given in the currency from which the event is created.

For example: A wedding event is created by an Australian user. A guest in America wants to give a money gift. The gift will be received in Australian dollars, not American dollars. 

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